Geescore is a dynamic scoring and relationship Tool for JobSeeker and JobPoster.

I am Rohit Pahwa working with Geescore from the last 1 and half year where I am responsible for backend and front-end development of Geescore.

My work is the interface between front-end Design and the data which is stored in database.

My role is to developing/maintaining/troubleshooting the following areas:-

Gescore Website:-

It will show the jobs in list and map view. Candidate can apply for a job and it’s resume will parse and a score will be given based upon the uploaded resume. User engagement is there and candidate can get instruction and messages after uploading resume.

Remi Widgets:-

It is a widget which is created in JS and can be inject in any website or webpage. It is used by both JobPosters (Hiring Managers) and JobSeeker (Candidate). In this widget the jobseeker will upload the resume and related documents and will get “Score” according to the resume.

Hot Key Toggle:-

It is hot key which is used to switch between JobPoster and Jobseeker view. In this a user can use hot key to use JobPoster view and can upload multiple resumes and get score for those resumes. The widget will also show the candidate which will have higher score than the resumes which are uploaded by JobPoster. To get the details of those candidates JobPoster have to pay a nominal fee.

Browser Extension:-

Geescore is also created for browsers as extension. There are 2 extensions i.e. JobPoster and JobSeeker view.

Relationship Tool Admin (RTA or R Tool):-

It is a tool which is as a backbone of Geescore and used as admin panel for job poster and Administration of geemode.

Technologies used:-

  1. – Code-Igniter

  2. – Angular Js

  3. – AWS API Gateway and Lambda

  4. – Java Scripting and JqueryMySQL

  5. – Angular Js

  6. – Code-Igniter

  7. – Core PHP

  8. – Node JS