Trained as a Social Media Marketing Expert, I graduated college and I am self-learner and tech-savvy. That’s the reason while working as social media consultant I am also working as a member of the business team to manage marketing efforts to promote and research to find the co-founder and market beta testing.

The first step to organize data was to create a Google Spreadsheet which can be managed online with the team members.

Job Alerts: Working on the backend to add job alerts manually to show the most recent job posting on Geescore Widget which will be automated soon.

Co-founder Search: Researching to find and contact the founder and co-founder to accelerate our progress at Geescore. We currently have a list of 2000+ founders and cofounder which we searched from F6S Network, Crunchbase, AngelList, HR Tech Map, Betalist, Linkedin, Google Jobs, HR tech influencers and many other websites.

Job Boards: I am also working on Job boards which will be used to market the job posting boost package to get more exposure and candidates for a job posting. We currently have a list of 500+ and planning for 1000+ job Boards. This job boards can be filtered by paid/free, region and language. We are also searching for API’s of all the job boards to automate job posting to Geescore widget.

Data Tagging: This is another part of work which is a supporting task to help parsing resumes to segment into different sections such as basic information, education, work experience, skills, interests, certifications, references etc.

I have also involved in research and data saving for Groups, Associations & Organizations job boards, beta messaging etc.