My work for Geescore as a Web Developer mainly involves the development and maintenance of the Browser Extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. The extensions are the main point of interaction for HR Job posters. Their two main features are the Scoring and Social Boost tools.


For the Scoring tool I am mainly involved in:

  • UI design and implementation
  • Development of the map visualization tool for easy overview of the top-scored job seekers
  • Bulk uploading of resumes for quick and easy scoring of job seekers
  • Interacting with the Geescore API to score job seekers, parse job postings and return the best results


For the Social Boost tool:

  • Communication with the Geescore social channels to share job postings
  • Development of the design tool that allows Job posters to edit tags, hashtags, locations and other related information
  • Intuitive preview of the posting design


As the Browser Extensions are the main entry point for most HR Job posters, I strive to create a user interface that is both intuitive and easy to use. In the same time, I aim to integrate all the necessary functionality into a single, fully featured and easy to install package. After all, our goal in as the Geescore team is to create one of the few scoring and visualization tools that is simple as well as powerful.

As a Web Developer for Geescore I also work closely with the rest of the team to develop and test the Web Widget and the Geescore API.