Geescore Platform is designed to run on a highly scalable environment by leveraging the Serverless Technologies of AWS. Architecting the Platform in such a way to Plug the AI Components on the fly is Crucial. Currently i am Leading the Backend Development and Integration of this Platform with various data collectors, parsers,AI and analytics engine.

The following diagram explains the high level architecture of the Geescore Platform.

My major part on this Project is to build coordinate with each of the team in developing and building the components and integrating them in a cohesive manner. All these backend services are powered by AWS Lambda Services – a serverless platform.

Geescore Presentation Layers (Widgets, Browser Extensions) are powered by the Backend API Intelligence Services. All the backend API services are deployed in the API Gateway to make them highly scalable to cater thousand of requests.

API Data Collector Engine :

The Job Data Collector engine extracts the Job details from various Job Board Providers and syncs them to the database on a regular intervals.

Job Crawling Engine :

Not every Job Site provides the data via API. There are some websites which we need to extract the data by crawling the Job Post Pages. This engine intelligently crawls those websites and pushes the data to the database. The engine able to extract details even from a modern Spfx website (using PhantomJS)

Combined with API Gateway and Lambda on AWS, we were able to develop a powerful serverless Geescore platform which not only serves the Geescore Products but it can also provide API services for other vendors and clients to consume in the future.