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Frank Abrams, Founder

Solution Engineer, Builder, Mechanic, Serial Entrepreneur

“I’m really excited about the technologies we have developed, especially Geescore. My past work has influenced this – from decision and scoring algorithms, to location savvy applications. Geescore improves how people find work opportunities, and get hired”.   Geescore ppt

contact: Frank Abrams tel: 416 733-3001 email:





  • 80s Public Optical Retail Patient Management System (17 locations) using Apple IIe
  • 80s Personal Computer Institute (partner) – training & sales PC and Mac
  • 90s My Favorite Sunset Hotel Reservation Network – airline code CU & compuserve – marketing/reservations for 160 Central American & Caribbean hotels
  • 90s Flying Disc Entertainment – public company symbol FDCD new media productions
  • 00s Scansave/Clustermark – data-rich, location-based, marketing & promotion optimization using wap phones and in-store scanner/printers
  • 00s ~ 10s zenPeak Executive Search; mobile apps for Job Alerts
  • 10s Geemode – featuring Geescore – Never Apply for a Job Again! web widgets & mobile apps

Geescore TEAM

Frank Abrams
Founder, CEO & Project Lead

Venky K.
AWS parse & score; web dev, node.js, javascript

Scott R.
Executive in charge of development

Rohit P.
Backend Developer; Mobile lead: php, mysql, mobile api, legacy wordpress, browser extension api


Ram M.
Social Media & Networks

Nardev S. N.
Social Media & Networks

Ody K.
Browser Extensions lead; chrome, firefox

Data Admin & Legacy Mobile Applications


Never Apply for a Job Again™

#HRTech for both Jobseekers and Jobposters

#HRTech that works!

our AUTOMATED scoring solution

contact: Frank Abrams
tel: 416 733-3001