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eefolder is better, faster and easier than applying for a job! The system AUTOMATICALLY connects active Jobseekers, Companies looking to hire the best, as well as working people wanting to advance their careers.

It is a full featured solution designed for Associations, Member Co.s & their Employees.

The pieces:

(1) In the center is Geefolder – secure, private, and high-value, supported by…
(2) Association Job Board (webpages, widgets & apps) filled with industry-focused, local, curated and hidden jobs.
(3) Resume Marketplace – Experienced Writers – set the budget for a


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Total Career Hub

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Career Pages for Associations, Government and Companies

#HRTech that solves the problems of Jobseekers and Companies

#HRTech that works!

  • Never Apply for a job Again ™ Industry Network; the easy way for jobs seekers and companies. Attach to a Job or a Company. A safe and trusted career environment. No Recruiters.
  • The Job App with the Map Industry-focused, local, curated and hidden jobs. Job Board; Mobile web widget & mobile apps for Associations, Member Companies, and Employees.
  • Emotional Intelligence EQ and matching jobs. A customized Career testing and assessment service of Occupational Emotional Intelligence (inc. 20 ORG specific benchmarks with personalized results) + 3rd party reference interviews.
  • 3 Second Resume Marketplace Hire an experienced Writer – The Jobseeker sets the budget. A 2-sided marketplace to hire Resume Writers with industry experience; get a professional, industry-focused, resume.
  • Career Guide – customized for the business segment, gets the Jobseeker more interviews and job offers




3SR Marketplace

Jobseekers who need a resume, hire Resume Writers with industry experience


contact: Frank Abrams
tel: 416 733-3001
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job ALERTs

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The Job App with the Map
Webpages, Mobile Apps & Web Widgets

  • The Job App With the Map
  • Local & Hidden job postings with complete back-end hosting, admin, marketing, messaging and social networking Association and Member Company specific content, notifications, social sharing and more
  • System Metrics (hidden, last day, last 30 days, companies covered)
  • Attach to a Job or Company > recent job matches for that user
  • add/delete user tags
  • Check how many matches to a tag (with company name)
  • Search, filter and sort functionality using sliders-filters
  • Presentation of Postings as a list view
  • Presentation of Postings as a map view using google maps
  • Add a Posting with Quick Entry
  • Subscription to newsletters