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Never Apply for a Job Again™
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“A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”  Wayne Gretzky

We spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.”  Eddie Obeng

Total Career Hub for Associations

  • Job Board; Mobile webpage widget & mobile apps for Associations, Member Companies, and Employees. Industry-focused, local, curated, hidden.
  • Industry Network; private peer to peer for Experts & Consultants – safe and trusted career environment. No Recruiters. Trade Show and Event extensions.
  • EQ – a customized Career testing and assessment service of Occupational Emotional Intelligence (inc. 20 ORG specific benchmarks with personalized results) + 3rd party reference interviews.
  • 3 Second Resume  – A 2 sided marketplace to hire Resume Writers with ORG Industry experience to write a professional, industry-focused, resume
  • Career Guide: A 75 page downloadable & free Career Guide customized for the Association business segment. 

contact: Frank Abrams
tel: 416 733-3001

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